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Daily Sudoku Help and Information

Professional Daily Sudoku


The Professional Daily Sudoku display is a text based interactive puzzle that can be completed online or printed off by the users.

The link code enables you to place the Sudoku display in one of your web pages where it will be contained in an invisible iframe. You can arrange the page to position the Sudoku wherever you wish.

To use the Professional Sudoku link you must first have registered and subscribed to the service.

Adding the link code

We recommend that you create a dedicated Daily Sudoku page in your web site and copy Link Code from the Admin Area and paste into your page code.

If you wish to include advertising on that page from automated ads like Google ads we recommend that the page titles and content reflect the type of advertisements you wish to attract. The iframe that contains the Sudoku puzzle will have little effect on the content of any automated adverts.

Using advertising with your sudoku page.

Problems and Errors

The Sudoku display dose not show on my web site.
If the Sudoku dose not show at all then you are most probably using an Internet browser that dose not support iframes. Try using another Internet browser or upgrading your current version. Most internet browsers used today support iframes.

The Sudoku display goes to the error page.
Make sure that the web page the link is placed in a web page using the web site URL you entered when registering.

Some users cannot save the Sudoku.
To save the Sudoku users must have their internet browser set to receive cookies.

When are the puzzles updated?
All updating of the puzzles, software and code is done automatically. New puzzles will appear between 12am and 1am GMT. There is no need to alter your page code.


Professional Link customers may cancel the subscription at any time from your PayPal account login. No refunds can be given for the time remaining in that monthly period.

Standard Daily Sudoku


The Standard Daily Sudoku display is a text based interactive puzzle that can be completed online or printed off by the users.

The link code enables you to place a link to a page that contains a back link to your web site. This page contains no advertising but dose contain a header graphic that links to home page

You are able to set the text for the back link to your site in the admin area. By default this is set to "Home Page". Script or code of any kind is not permitted and will result in termination of the service.

To use the Standard Sudoku Link you must first have entered your Web Site details, registered and been approved.

Adding the link code

You are provided with several links to choose from or can create your own graphic or text link as long as the URL of that link remains as supplied by us.

You may also use the target="_blank" html statement to open a new page.

Please note: You must not use a script to open the Sudoku Display in a new page. The service will be terminated in the event this or the terms and conditions are broken.

The link must be placed on the web site that you have registered and can be displayed on as many pages as you wish.

Standard Sudoku Link display